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Your body reacts to danger, even if your mind hasn’t registered the threat.

Married to a Monster
2 min readApr 29, 2022


God created us as powerfully complex image-bearers. As I am on this journey of awakening in my relationship, I have come to appreciate my body so much more.

Don’t be weird. Stay with me.

I’m talking about how our autonomic nervous system is like an internal surveillance system that is constantly seeking safety while remaining alert for danger. When our nervous system receives cues of danger, we react (sympathetic system), and don’t relax until we receive cues of safety (parasympathetic system).

It doesn’t judge good or bad. It just reacts.

I’m doing my best to listen to it. And to take heed. So, depending on the situation, my body has a choice are to Fight (confront), Flight (Leave the situation), or Freeze (ignore the situation).

This noticing without judgment is called neuroception — detection without actual awareness. Neuroception is the reason I had to run out of the house today and not come back for hours when my husband got a call that he’d lost a contract worth over 10K. Danger. Unsafe. Run.

When I came back three hours later, the air was lighter and the house felt less oppressive. Could it have actually turned into an explosive situation? Maybe. Is it absolutely better for me to take control and not walk on eggshells just in case? Unquestionably.

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Married to a Monster

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